We take pride in our ability to develop modern sample preparation techniques for separating the analyte and metabolites from plasma, serum and blood etc. as well as validate methods in full compliance with current regulatory guidelines, OECD guideline and GLP requirements.Our scientists are experienced and have expertise in small molecule, metabolite, peptides, hormones, steroids and other endogenous molecules.

Our method development capabilities include sensitive and reliable bio analytical methods for generics and New Chemical Entities (NCE). We have expertise in challenging methods, such as those requiring drug derivatization, chiral separation and multiple metabolite quantitation.We use the most advanced technologies and strategies to ensure on-time delivery of high-quality data.

The bioanalytical laboratory is equipped with state-of- the-art instruments and automation equipment’s for performing a diverse range of analyses on biological samples. Our SOPs comply with Good Laboratory Practices and are continuously monitored and upgraded to keep pace with the requirements of international regulatory agencies and the pharmaceutical industry.

Our highly qualified team of scientists with in-depth knowledge in instrumentation and application of LC-MS/MS technology enables timely method development. We validate our analytical methods as per global regulatory requirements / customer need. We offer validated methods for drugs in all major therapeutic areas, ready to be used with a short lead time to analyze drugs and metabolites in biological fluids.

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